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IRS Audits

Taxation Solutions Inc - FormsNo one wants to go through the hassle of an IRS audit. But if you’ve received notice that your taxes are being audited, what you do want is a knowledgeable advisor who can tell you what to expect from an IRS tax audit and how to respond in order to minimize your fear and frustration. In the Detroit area, Taxation Solutions, Inc. has the IRS audit help you need at every stage of the process. From producing the proper documents to arguing on your behalf in federal tax court, you can rely on us for audit defense services that are second to none. Preparation is the key to success in IRS tax audits. Call or e-mail us today for your IRS audit representation!

Wondering why you were chosen for an IRS audit in the first place? That’s one question Taxation Solutions, Inc. will set out to answer. While some IRS tax audits are randomly selected, others are targeted for reasons that could give us insight into what tax authorities are trying to find. It’s all part of our full-service IRS audit help for individuals as well as businesses. We’ll stop at nothing to bring you top-notch audit defense assistance, including:

  • Compiling paperwork to support your case
  • Arguing on your behalf during the audit
  • Negotiating tax settlements, if necessary
  • Appealing unfavorable rulings from IRS audits
  • Arguing against IRS audit penalties
  • Offering tips for avoiding future audits

With Taxation Solutions, Inc. handling your IRS audit, you don’t even have to take time off to appear for the proceedings. Our tax professionals are fully qualified to act as your spokesperson, representing your interests in the best way possible at any level of tax court. We’re licensed and insured tax practitioners with more than 40 years of experience in IRS auditing. We’ll go above and beyond when you’re facing an audit by the IRS.

Specialists in IRS Audit Defense

Few tax problems induce as much stress and worry as an IRS tax audit. So why make it harder on yourself than it has to be? Rather than take on the tax authorities all on your own, get professional guidance from Taxation Solutions, Inc. Whether you’ve just found out about an audit from IRS officials or you’ve reached the point of IRS tax audit penalties, it’s never too late to call us in for IRS audit help of any kind. We'll bring every resource available to your IRS audit defense, including our four decades of firsthand expertise. Don’t go into your IRS audit with unanswered questions. Contact our tax audit specialists now by phone or e-mail.

Need someone to talk to about an IRS audit? Your first phone consultation is free with Taxation Solutions, Inc. A brief consultation is a fast and easy way to alleviate some of your initial stress about IRS auditing. Give us a call today!

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