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Taxation Solutions Inc - Working TogetherFinding the right tax pros is the first step in turning your tax problems around. When you need help filing delinquent tax returns or getting out from under a serious tax debt burden, you need Taxation Solutions, Inc. Bringing Detroit-area residents and business owners more than 40 years of professional know-how, we have experienced tax lawyers available who can assist you with resolving tax matters of all sizes and severities. We have a variety of seasoned tax consultants on staff to help you get your finances in order. Call us today to learn more about the IRS tax attorney assistance we offer.

At Taxation Solutions, Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the best in tax lawyer services. That means you can count on our knowledgeable IRS attorneys and enrolled agents to lead you step by step through a full range of potential solutions to your current tax problems, such as:

  • Offers in compromise
  • Installment payment plans
  • Penalty abatement petitions
  • Wage garnishment cessation
  • Filing missing payroll taxes
  • Innocent spouse relief claims
  • Late tax return filings
  • And more

From your side of the situation, mounting tax debt can seem overwhelming. But when you understand how the other side operates, it sheds a lot of light on getting the problem corrected. That’s why you want a team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents in your corner who can clarify your options and stand up for you in tax court. With Taxation Solutions, Inc., you’ll have access to the expertise of a tax lawyer with in-depth experience in the field. After representing countless clients, our skilled IRS attorneys are well versed in both federal and state law and how it impacts your particular case.

Personalized Tax Attorney Assistance

Taxation Solutions Inc - Helping ClientsDon’t try to take on your tax troubles alone. Taxation Solutions, Inc. is here when you need us for all kinds of IRS tax attorney support from filing delinquent returns to petitioning the IRS for a settlement. As part of our comprehensive tax lawyer services, we’ll relieve you of the government’s intimidating phone calls and other scare tactics by taking over all correspondence. In fact, our IRS attorneys are familiar with collections strategies and can often use these tactics to benefit your case. 

Isn’t it time you had a professional who will fight hard to get your issues resolved? In the Detroit area, individuals and businesses alike can depend on the tax lawyers and other specialists at Taxation Solutions, Inc. for compassionate customer service, in-depth expertise, and a personalized approach to ending complex back tax matters. Your tax burden will only get worse the longer you wait. Contact us today for the tax attorney help you need to make your tax debt problems a thing of the past.

Why not speak to one of our qualified staff members about the specific tax attorney services you’re interested in? Our IRS attorneys provide complete expertise for tax audits, business tax problems, tax court negotiations, and more. Best of all, there’s no charge for your initial consultation with Taxation Solutions, Inc. So turn to our licensed and insured tax lawyer team at your earliest convenience to put your mind at ease. You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain by utilizing the services of our skilled tax attorneys!

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